Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dream Team

As a lifelong Lakers fan I would remiss to not mention just how stinkin' happy I am right about now! Long time readers of this blog may have noticed that I was pretty quiet on the basketball front this past season and the truth is, I was kinda pissed at my team. Still love them mind you, but couldn't get into the season for several reasons and one of the biggest.....

                                                  (Bye Bye Andrew Bynum)

Well, he is no longer my problem, nor my beloved team's. Yay!

                                     ("Hey Andrew, I like the looks of that jersey, wanna trade?)

Few negotiations and some nail biting for many of us and....

                                                 (Dwight, "I bring the BIG guns" Howard)

Damn, like day-um, on many levels. Add to that a dash of....

                                               (Steve Nash so deserves a ring!)

Nash, and things are looking mighty fine from this fan's point of view. Absolutely elated, a smidge anxious and nervous but elation is just edging the rest out. Cannot wait for the season to start and just when I thought my Lakers love couldn't get any heavier, customer and reader William, the one with the stunning and melting smile, he slips this little clip into my inbox, (okay, that sounds a little dirty but I'm dashing this off before an early breakfast meeting and junk) in honor of our shared Lakers appreciation and Magic Johnson's birthday

What a riveting way to start my day....hearing Chick Hearn and watching this, made me feel like a kid again. Thank you William! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks. You are too kind with those words.

Feeling like a kid again, I know. The memories. The fun. The joy. The great feeling of being more than a fan of some team. Looking back, it felt like I was part of the Lakers family in some odd way. They had that vibe about them. We were all together.

Watching the video took me back to my parent's living room watching the games on regular tv, listening to Chick. What a great time that was! I remember so many nights I would rush my dinner in the kitchen so I could get to the tv in the other room and watch part of the game.

Then the next day after school I would be outside playing and trying one of those moves. Never seemed to work too well with me, though. Decided to stick with soccer!

Thanks again,

Samantha Dugan said...

Oh come on now, my words were nothing compared to how you flatter me far too often. This was a remarkably sweet gesture, as was remembering my post from last freaking December and hitting me up when you heard about the Dwight trade. You have always been a joy to deal with in the store, so supportive of whatever it is I do here...your encouragement means a lot sir, and that smile dude, wicked. We fans were in fact all there together, (me before you I suspect as I think I must have at least 7 years on you...and that is flattering myself!) and reliving that through watching those clips, simply wonderful.
Thank you sweet William!