Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vegas Bound

“I think we should drive this time” the words were still hanging from his lips when my eyes went all, “um dude, are you high?” but before I could utter a word, (and you know I was gonna, had several as a matter of fact) he finished with, “So you can bring a bunch of wine for you and Amy” nice save and good point.

Got the email a couple months back, “We are going to Vegas for Rachie’s birthday, why don’t you guys come out and join us?” Rachie, or Rachel is Amy’s little sister. Just the sweetest woman, kind heart and loads of fun but there were a couple things in that email that gave me pause. One is I am not a Vegas kinda gal. I’d sooner flush a wad of cash down the toilet than gamble. I’m a tad claustrophobic, nothing major, I mean I don’t freak out or anything but massive rooms filled with thousands of people, all those voices crammed in there with the added cacophony of noise from those horrid machines and yeah, I get a little Rainman…… and fear I will start banging myself. Ugh. Two, I hate the heat. I know it crunches everyone’s crunders hearing that from the mouth, (or fingertips) of a SoCal native, but I am not a summer person, in the least. Fact is when it gets even close to 80 degrees I start to get cranky as hell. So, and I could be wrong here, but I’m guessing that Vegas, at the end of July, well I have to assume it’s going to be way the fuck hotter than 80.  Grumble. Three, I am not a poolside lounger, this goes along with that heat business and has the added benefit of the shame that is me in any kind of bathing suit. No one wants or needs to see that! Shit, I don’t want to see that! So it doesn’t happen. My dear friends often spend whole days laying out by the pool in Texas, (but come on, other than drinking and the occasional sporting event what the hell are they gonna do out there) the email even included some comment about the chick that brings you frozen grapes poolside….dude, so not my thing. But Amy was wise enough to also include, “We will get you a cabana” so there will be a place for the cranky, pasty-white fat lady in jeans to sit and sip her cocktails and bitch about the heat. Fantastic. The final issue was money, things have been a little tight lately, that screams “Let’s go to Vegas!!” right? Exactly. So yeah, had to think long and hard before saying, “Hell yeah! We will meet you there!”

Haven’t traveled much this year, like at all. I had a couple days back in Louisville and the Napa Wine Writer’s Symposium trip, (which was not really a vacation), but that has pretty much been it and dammit, I need a fucking break already. Between work, (which is always a joy, but it is still work) blogging, writing for the newsletter, keeping The Wine Country’s Facebook page active and engaging, the emotional roller coaster of having my sweet son move home and begin working at the shop, combined with my sick, and now homeless, brother…well that right there seems like enough to drive one a bit loony, not even going to start on the whole maintaining of relationships, some of which I’ve been sucking at lately. Yeah, need these couple days to just be away, nuzzled into the bosom of friendship, laughter, food, cocktails and now that we are driving, a box of deliciously refreshing wine. Just typing that made my tight-as-shit shoulders soften a wee bit. Exhale. 

In a couple hours we will be loading up the car and hitting the road and while it might not be a favorite venue, going to be with some of my favorite people and that right there, so very needed.  Casino, cabana, who the hell cares?! Being with those people and drinking these

Pretty much not going to suck.


TWG said...

See the bandits knew you were going on vacation and hijacked your site. Welcome back.

Samantha Dugan said...

Should have made the bastards keep the damn thing!! Thanks again for the heads were all so very sweet.

Sara Louise said...

I have never ever been to Vegas but if I ever make it there, I'm getting a cabana.

Samantha Dugan said...

You have to put it on your list. It is a scene not to believed....