Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Who Is Running This Doughnut Shop?!

Got home a little early last night fully intending on spending some time here waxing and groaning about wine. The heat making me feel swarthy, saturated, ready to really feel each heavy drip of sweat slithering down my spine as I pounded away at my laptop, sharing with all of you a new-ish and truly sensual love affair I'm having with a couple Italians and a few cats in Northern California.

Got home, made a dinner of gifted tuna that was caught on Monday, (customer brought me nearly 30 pounds in fact. Re-gifted some tuna that's for sure) bitter greens topped with the tiniest potatoes, boiled until soft, pressed between my palms until they split but still held their shape, then fried in olive oil until super crispy on all sides but still ultra creamy on the inside. Drizzled over the greens and potatoes a dressing of smashed garlic, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil. Simple, delicious and not too taxing. Perfect for preserving my creative juices. Yeah....

Nuzzled into my favorite writing spot and opted to just check out Facebook before getting started. Yeah, so those juices, spoiled. Came across this fantastic news  which sent me reeling and launched me into one of those nights where I start every goddamn sentence with, "What the fuck?!". My husband loves these nights. Not kidding about that, he actually gets a charge out of waiting to hear what might fly out of my never shutting trap. The calling of names, the big hand gestures, the cartoonish exasperated facial expressions. I married a freak.

Anyone that finds things like:

"Hey here's an idea. Let's do some research on the effects of mixing Botox and spray tan with teeth whitener! Clearly these fuckers are suffering some kind of reaction"

"Why don't we all just give the insurance companies blow jobs now so they don't jack up the prices on diabetic and heart medications for our grandchildren?"

"Oh okay, we can help shovel shit food into the mouths of the future of this country but we can't subsidize childcare so there parents could, oh I don't know....afford to work at one of the hellish establishments? Or better yet, how's about we pool the people that can't find work, start a childcare co-op so that the community is in fact caring for each other and people can afford to get some kind of maybe building solar panels?!"

"We can help our children get fatter and watch as they become sour cream and honey mustard huffers but Amy can't have a case of French wine shipped to her state?!"

and his personal favorite,

"Jesus would smack the shit out of these people"

anyone that finds that sexy is truly insane.

Lost my evening to rants, roaring and a bottle and a half of Pinot Gris.



Anonymous said...

The last one is my favorite, hands down!

Randy Kemner said...

Dale made a Nicoise salad with meat from the same fish. We even had the same round, soft potatoes in it. Fresh green beans, tomatoes from her garden, just cooked hard boiled eggs, but not too hard and a wonderful vinaigrette. The tuna was tremendous.

Now on to more serious matters. Food guru Michael Pollan wonders why we can subsidize fast food in this country, but not healthy food. We could put people to work in each community making healthy food, giving poor and infirm people a good place to go for nutrition.

More corporate welfare is going to consolidate our food production all the more. Purina people chow isn't far behind.

John M. Kelly said...

"Purina People Chow: Made by people, for people, from people."

Samantha Dugan said...

Another Day of Crazy,
Kind of a classic no? I use that far too often but it cracks me up....and makes a very valid point.

The fish was lovely for sure. What they are doing to food, or "food" is truly frightening. What it's doing to our kids, even more so.

Served in a pimped out package I'm sure.

Thomas said...

I should have stopped reading after your description of dinner, to hold the thought of those fine-sounding preparations.

Pray tell: what the fuck is Facebook??? Never heard of it.

Samantha Dugan said...

I had you at the crunchy potatoes right? That salad was delicious! Facebook is a place to post earth shattering news. Such as; "I'm at the Arco station" or "I'm at work" and "My hair is stupid today" (that one being MY personal favorite as of late) but you can also find adorable kitty pictures and the occasional reposting of news, such as the food stamps in fast food joints number I stumbled upon. In short, it's brilliant and I love it!