Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Need Your Help....Just This Once I Am Asking For A Favor


Those of you that have been reading this silly blog for any length of time have heard about my Tyler. The tiny little beast that lives across the way, melts my heart and has completely destroyed my badass image with his big blue eyes, silly faces, giant voice and….well and for the fact that he seems to adore me for no other reason than I am me. Such a rare and lovely gift that….

It started years ago, I tried not to notice how damn cute he was but once he started belting out sounds, little hands pressed against his chest seemingly fascinated with the vibrations. His tiny frame on the other side of his screen playing quietly…well quietly for Tyler or banging away on one of those giant tin tubs of popcorn. I could sit and watch him for hours, did as a matter of fact and there were a number of times that I was late for newsletter deadline because I was captivated by the squishy little one.

So it turns out that screens work both ways and after awhile Tyler’s parents could tell that the not-so-friendly chick across the way was puddling over their little one so what do they go and do….they taught him my name. “Hi Sam!!” and the ever so melting, “Sam Sam Sam” always lilting and like a song would come floating across the patch of grass that rests between our apartments, land squarely on my heart and make this hard knock life girl get all teary and gooey…dammit.


Now I am all in. I am completely in love and have the pleasure of sitting next to this adorable young man every Monday night at dinner. We blow bubbles in our drinks, stuff tortilla chips in our mouth and talk to each other while the little bits of broken chips fall from our lips. We play fire truck and, “ambe-blance” we laugh and hug….a lot. No matter what kind of day I am having I can be brought back to life by something as simple as this 4 year old coming to my door to see if I wanna play with him or hearing his big voice yell at me when I am on the phone, “C’mon Sam! Come outside. Who is more important than me?”…dude, not many.

There is no way for Tyler to understand how much he means to me, not sure I can really make anyone understand it but….well there was a very large hole in my heart when my son left for school and while he will never take Jeremy’s place his genuine affection and adoration of me…the way I can make him smile even when I am in my jammies with no makeup….the way he makes me feel comfortable enough, loved enough to be outside that way, well that little hand on my heart has soothed my ache, made me happier and I am forever in his debt. So this is where the favor thing comes in….

Tyler’s mom has entered him in a Most Adorable Preschooler contest, it’s a contest in our local paper and the award is like $100 or something. The award means nothing to me, (sorry Todd and Lisa I know it would help you) but I would love to be a part of anything that makes Tyler feel, if only for a second just as special and wonderful as he makes me feel all the time. I would never ask my readers to vote for me for something as ridiculous as a wine blog award but just this once I am asking for your help.


I’ll never know if you do it or don’t so there really is no pressure but it would mean so much to me to have all of you that have been touched by my stories about my adorable wee boyfriend take the time to cast a vote for him….make us both so happy. Him for winning and me for being able to in some tiny way repay him for loving me the way he does. You don’t have to do any registering or anything, you can log in under either of these names and passwords:

sdugan Password muchbetter
tmccrory Password tyler

For those of you that do take the time I thank you from the very bottom of my very full heart.



Anonymous said...

Okay, girlie, Done!

For everyone else, he's on page 12 of the Preschooler Vote page. Saves you the time of paging through.

Tessa said...

done, the chubby kid in the glasses is winning by 1,000 votes though

Samantha Dugan said...

Seriously girlie, thank you!

Yeah I saw that, you can vote many times under the same user name so I'm guessing his parents are like Trekkie dorks and have nothing better to do than sit there and vote for him...God that was mean. I did go through all the pictures and I still think Ty is by far the most adorable.

TWG said...

His parents are Trekkie dorks? What about his best friend?

TWG said...

No Tyler listed. Help?

TWG said...

found him

Samantha Dugan said...

You are adorable. Thank you for taking the time. It is really kind of a silly thing but I so want Ty to feel special. Turns out this thing is not as easy as I thought so I am humbled that you took the time to hunt him down.

chris said...

I voted for Ty. No matter what happens, he's a winner because he's already won your heart and mine too.

Samantha Dugan said...

That was so sweet...thank you so much for saying that AND for the vote for my wee buddy.

Do Bianchi said...

you KNOW how much I love my cowboy hat: I wore a cowboy hat just like he does in the pic! LOVE IT! (voted, of course!)

btw, how far are you from that fab Manhattan Beach Greek restaurant... I need to make it up there soon for a Boutari gig...

also, how's the weather up there today: cloudy and cool down here in LJ! what's going on!

Samantha Dugan said...

Thanks for voting for my little cowboy, I just love him so. We are pretty close to Manhattan and if you guys head up this way you have to let me know! It is beautiful here today, sun shining and about 70 degrees!