Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yup, they’re here, yes we will be pouring them in celebration of the harvest but…damn, do I hate these wines. For years I turned up my nose at Gamay, I didn’t get them, I do now but these? Not so much. They are thin, tangy and more often than not taste of banana, I hate banana. I even had one wine person say, “I cannot wait to taste the Nouveau this year. I hear that 2009 was a great vintage for France”……um, what the hell? You really think those carbonicly craptastic wines are going to tell you something about the 2009 vintage in France?! Oh that’s right, you read all the “press” so you already know everything, (grumble). The thing is, I already know this person is going to taste the wines and proclaim them the best vintage in years, why even bother tasting them? I sure as shit wouldn’t if I didn’t have to….

The best part is when people ask me what my favorite is, for years I would just flat out tell people how much I hate them but after having people look at me like I just skinned a cat, I now just kind of chuckle, gently mention that they are, “Pretty similar” and point to the one with the label I like the most. I know I am going to get my bawls broken all day about this, the staff, knowing full well how I feel about these wines, is going to relish in having me assist every customer that wants a detailed breakdown on each Nouveau we have….sigh. I get why people love the festivities, the celebration and all but to get all serious, want tasting notes and standing there with your brow furrowed, nose buried in the glass while feverishly taking notes….well that might be just a little silly. Drink them, celebrate with them, wash your feet in them, (most pleasurable of the three in my book) but remember what they are and were meant to be, “fun”.

We did however just get in a bunch of 2008 Cru Beaujolais and they are drinking wicked delicious....think I will kick in the extra 5 bucks and drink those.


vickibarkley said...

I'm fondly thinking of you as I stay away! Those Cru Beaujolais sound intriguing, though.

And, at the very least, I'll see you Saturday.

Michael Hughes said...


Ron Washam, HMW said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,

I do love a great Morgon. I just don't like anything with "nouveau" in it--art nouveau, nouveau riche, Nouveau Kids on the Block.

But I hope you get a Fleurie of business at your Beaujolais tasting. Wish I were there drinking one of the Cru Beaujolais. Though that would be a case of Brouilly and the Beast.

I love you.

Your HoseMaster

Samantha Dugan said...

Okay I hate to admit this, they were better than they have been in the past few years, (sigh) still thin and the aromas remind me of young red wine vinegar and they still made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up...but less so than in years past.

You did not miss a thing girlie.

Love, I feel ya.

As it turns out I ended up opening a 2008 Lapierre Morgon to wash the icky stuff out of my mouth, it was so freaking delicious...I love his Morgon above all others. I adore you kid.

Peter Liem said...

Your last sentence basically sums it all up. It's not like good cru Beaujolais is expensive. When you consider the enormous leap in quality that you get for such a negligible price increase, why subject yourself to Nouveau?

Thomas said...


I heard of a wine retailer that decided to go against the grain as is running a cru-veau tasting instead.

Lovely idea.

Samantha Dugan said...

With the serious hike in prices on the Nouveau the past two years it makes even less sense to drink that crap. The Depeuble and Drouhin Nouveau are both $14.99, the Thivin Cote de Brouilly is $20.99 and my little Lapierre Morgon is $ I just cannot see why the hell you would drink a wine that is inferior for the cost of a coffee at Starbucks, (I think, I don't go to Starbucks).

We are pouring some Cru Beaujolais on Saturday, redemption.

Tessa said...

Ahhh I remember those days. How the heck did they get expensive? I think I would almost rather drink sangria...more bang for the buck right? People love to play into the hype.

Nancy Deprez said...

"Fleurie of business" - heh, like that. :)