Friday, May 16, 2008

A Husband's Eye View of Samantha Watching Lakers Playoff Basketball

I married a Saint, anyone that knows me knows that to deal with me day in and day out requires the patience of a Saint. For your typical, "girl" stuff I am pretty easy, I loathe shopping, don't care a thing about money, own two pairs of shoes...and a pair of flip flops, avoid the phone like the plague, know I "look fat" in everything so I never ask, would rather watch basketball or football than snuggle, and for the most part find babies icky. So the whole gender conflict is a non issue for my sweet husband but he is stuck with the challenging arguments about a, "woman's role" in history or the bible, (he is a religious studies major) the, "I don't care if we have known them forever. They bore the crap out of me and I don't want to hang out with them anymore" conversation, and if he ever tries to pull the, "because we are supposed too" is met with a raised eyebrow, slightly sneering Sam face and a, "Who says?". Poor thing right? The once or twice a year that we have a real fight...he knows he cant win, doesn't even really try but "Mans up" and tries to get all fierce on me..."Yea okay honey, that is kinda cute". Seriously the sweetest man ever, I am very lucky that he finds my difficult nature endearing...I make him laugh and shake his head a lot.

So what does this sweetheart get to see on game six of the Lakers vs Jazz game? Me rushing through the door, dumping off my purse and computer on the nearest chair. Changing out of my work clothes into my most comfy jeans and the biggest white T-Shirt I can find. Now tonight because it was like 400 degrees I soaked the shirt in cold water to cool me off....uh huh wet T-Shirt right?? Yea now imagine that if you will with me doing the fist pumping, screaming with little bits of spittle and standing up to do the whole pelvic thrusting, simulated spanking who's your daddy dance.....aww poor Sam's husband!

The one civil thing he got to see was me sipping away on the world's best Rose, the 2007 Tempier Bandol Rose (37.99). Try as I might to be angry at the ever rising price of this wine each time I have it I just say, "Damn". It really is worth the price as much as it makes me cringe to say so. The length, depth, texture, minerality and power just cannot be matched. You may not be able to buy it by the case but you really do owe it to yourself to savor at least one bottle, see what the best tastes like. We get only 10 cases for the year so while I assume it wont fly out the door you might want to get your hands on one or two as soon as possible.....last year we were hit hard with Internet sales from states that got less as a state than we got at The Wine Country!
Lakers up by 8 with 2 minutes....."Roarrrrr"!


Nancy Deprez said...

I was curious as to whether this rose was worth the money - it's more some Champagnes! Good to know it still delivers and is worth every penny.

Samantha Dugan said...

The thing I think that is diffacult is that it is Rose.....hard to think of spending almost $40.00 on a bottle of Rose, but if you just think of it as a wine, "Is this a $40.00 wine?". The answer is, absolutely.

Trust me I wigged out when I saw the price but I have had two bottles now, (one at lunch on Monday so no Laker buzz) and it really is worth every penny.