Monday, May 12, 2008

Bad Blogger!

OK I admit it, I have been a bad blogger, not that I'm fully convinced that anyone, (other than Nancy) reads this thing! The last couple of weeks were insane with everything from Artisan Champagne, Michael Sullivan and Yves Orliac for a Beaune Imports/L'Hortus tasting, taking Yves Orliac, (L'Hortus) bar hopping "Wine Country Girl" style....lots of bars and lots of drinks, 8 French winemakers from the Rhone Valley, a wild trip to San Francisco, my wonderful son, Jeremy coming home from his first year of college and then Mother's Day......whew! I might just need a vacation from my work playtime. There are some notes on both the Champagne event and the Evening of Kermit Lynch Rhone Producers that I will post tomorrow as it is getting late tonight but I do feel terrible about waiting so I said, "Bad Blogger".

Saturday we had our annual Alsace tasting at The Wine Country and although the crowd was on the smaller side they were full of opinions and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Jack, Andy, Bruce and Dunbar, (regular Saturday tasters) were divided like I have never seen them before! It was pretty amazing to watch these four men that seem to agree pretty often jump up and down on each other arguing about which wines were balanced and which wines were too soft, too acidic or too sweet. It was pretty thrilling for me because it meant that the wines on the table were interesting enough to get these guys all riled up!

I'll post the wines poured along with short tasting notes very shortly....being a bad blogger I left my tasting notes at the shop. I just wanted to let anyone know, that might follow these posts that I have not given up posting, just been wicked busy and when not busy, recovering! There are a bunch of fun stories and really wonderful wines to come...still trying to get used to making this blog-thing a part of my daily/weekly rotation....I'll get better....maybe Nancy will rub off on me and I will rise each morning and post.....right now my mornings are coffee, jammies, cigarettes and me barking at MSNBC for an hour before my shower. Blogging might just be a refreshing change....but knowing myself for almost 37 years my guess is my posts will flow more freely after a glass or two of wine, after dinner, curled up on my ridiculously comfy couch with my laptop humming away and warming the tops of my thighs.
Thanks to all that have been reading and commenting, (to me in can post here ya know!) and I promise to try and keep you entertained and updated on what I've tasted, eaten, done and wish I hadn't done!


Nancy Deprez said...

Keep at it Sam!

Comments are hard to come by but I think people do read. You have much to contribute with your wealth of wine knowledge. Most people probably read but don't post a comment! Much has to do with not having a blog or "identity."

eg I have been reading Alice Feiring's blog and trying to post a comment but a glitch prevents me from doing so. I'll have to try again, but I think people (such as myself) get lazy on the internet and when faced with failure, do not try, try again!

Samantha Dugan said...

Thanks Nancy! You are so supportive. The funny thing about blogging is it reminds me of writing letters to someone that never writes back....kind of hard to muster up the energy to keep at it. I will keep your words in mind and assume that people are reading but some glitch has prevented them from responding, or their keybords are broken, or they are horribly shy....oh or they are in the witness relocation program and posting could jeopardize their cover...oh okay I am feeling better about this whole thing now!