Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Once Is Never Enough

You’ve done it again…..

Found that spot beneath my skin that scratches me from the inside out

Did you hear it calling you?
See my skin pucker and flinch?
Sense the aspirant groans of a dissatisfied and aching cavity that longs to be filled?

Could you detect the growl of desire tucked behind my confident repartee?
See the hunger behind my green eyes?
Smell the soup of confidence and fear that escape in the little oily beads of sweat that gather in the small of my back?
Feel the tornado that is me beneath this flesh of mine….

You’ve done it again…

Whet me
Spun me
Dug into me
Left me panting and lapping…for more

You’ve done it again…

How do you do this?
Spread me the way you do
Make me arch and bend
Shake and tremble
Touch me in a way that makes the soft fine hairs on the back of my neck lift and lick away at me

I’m captivated by you
Inspired by you
Afraid of you
Slippery with desire for more, of you

I'm here
Wide open and yours for the taking
Take me....

I don’t give a fuck how you do it
Just do it again
Once is never enough….


Unknown said...

Your writing makes me mouth water...

Samantha Dugan said...

That Rose made me a little crazy...and made me want some more, like right now. Damn sexy stuff.