Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working On My Gag Reflex

Oh that was just painful
It sucked
My team sucked
And if you wanna play like that then
You deserve to lose...

Charlie My Love is there any other Chardonnay you would prefer I drink...please?!


Green Daddy said...

Good morning, Sam--

I will not be surprised if the Lakes (where are those lakes in Los Angeles by the way) win the Championship.

The Celtics have had to play a quality of basketball that transcends their station in life. It happens in sports, but it is rare and it is magic (no LA pun meant) when it does.

But, the Lakes are going home and have the requirement to focus on just one game because there is no point focusing on two games for them. Focus has a way of wiping away the cobwebs.

The Celtics for their part have three weapons that the Lakes do not have. They have three guys in Pierce, Ray Allen and KG who know that this is their last hurrah. They have a support group for the big three that includes a point guard, Rondo, who is the extra energy that the big three no longer have. And they have a mentality that is simply different.

They have a big sign in their locker room that reads, "Players win games. Teams win championships."

Its a bit silly really but the Celtics do not have a Koby (his 3rd quarter was breathtaking even for me) or a LeBron or a Dwight Howard. But they have slogan to go with their mix of old guys going downhill, young guys rising and a bench that Doc Rivers uses better than Phillie uses his.

I will admit that I usually find basketball boring because it is endless shooting by guess who can't miss and guys who dunk. But, I love team basketball where the ball moves and moves until someone finds an opening.

I feel bad because I know you do, but it happened because last night the Celtics were a team and the Lakes were not.

Romes said...

Don't cave Charlie - if in fact Sam does lose this bet, I can't wait to read the blog that comes after the dreaded Rombauer!

Hee hee, that will be entertainment for all of us out here in cyberspace....

Samantha Dugan said...

Sweet Charlie,
Man that was an awful game. The Lakers just acted as if they didn't want to be there. They played horribly and the whole game smelled like 2008 to me. My heart sank in the 4th and my spirits are no brighter this morning, stinks...but not nearly as stinky as Rombauer so I am still holding out hope. Congratulations to you love and I will be counting the hours until tomorrow!

That's just COLD woman! You wish to laugh at my pain, evil....knew I dug you for a reason. Wait is there not a woman that is asking me to nab her some Chidaine who was that?! I forget....