Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sir Charles Looks Like It's You & Me......

So I ask you love
Will you still visit me
Adore me
Feed me with your wisdom
Stoke me with your affection

Will you my beloved Charles Olken
Will you still love me when

They destroy your boys in green?

I make this promise to you now, and I am doing it now because I will be in full on smack talking mode come Thursday;

I will still adore you
Smile when I see one of your many names appear in my comments section
Think of you many times a day
Hope that I will someday be able to look at your sweet face over a glass of Champagne....
Love you
I will still love you when your team loses


Celtics Green Daddy said...

Great stuff. I hope the rest of your admiring flock do not get bored with our game within the game, but I love it, and, one way or the other, we will have fun with this, and if the Lakes (and where are those LA Lakes?) win, I will drink Chablis. But if the boys in green, then you are going to have to drink CA Chard (not Rombauer--although if you treat Rombauer like the fruity, slightly sweet wine that it is, then it goes really well with Thai and some Indian foods).

Samantha Dugan said...

Green Daddy,
There you are, I've been waiting for you. Don't know nothing about admiring flocks but if you are referring to my friends/readers I am sure they know that My Lakers mean the world to me, as do you and I am hoping they will forgive me these little indulgences. Remember love this is not really a wine blog, it's just my blog and you sir are very much a part of that life now.

Okay if you are thinking about making me drink California Chardonnay...and why that, not Pinot?! Then you baby are going to have to drink something you too dislike, Pastis...I think Pastis is in order. Oh what you would be willing to suffer through a bottle of Chablis?! Nice try sly one. And I think I will need photographic evidence of you consuming my my much loved milky beverage. This is gonna be fun....

The Woo said...

Great win, but I gotta say, I wasn't too happy with Kobe's "butt slap" after that killer shot he made. Not a great example. Some high school kid out there will think that it is totally cool to do that and try it on an opposing coach, and then there will be big trouble. Definitely not cool.

All that being said. I hope the the Lakers completely smash the Celtics.

Samantha Dugan said...

I loved the spanking...sorry but it's true and I can feel My Lakers right now, gonna be awesome. Charlie outta be chillin some Pastis