Saturday, May 30, 2009

Um Yay, But....

So I had to work a class last night, it was brutal knowing that I was going to be missing the game....I was going to be drinking Blanc de Blancs Champagne, so there's that but still. Had the hubby TIVO the game and asked, (a couple of times) the people at the class to refrain from telling me ANYTHING, good or bad I didnt want to hear it, I wanted to finish the class and go home to watch....

I'm a real Lakers fan, been my whole life, well, as long as I can remember anyway, so this stuff means a lot to me, the energy, the fight, the cheering, I love it, not to mention it is something that my son and I share. I know there are many that don't care, that find it silly to get so wrapped up in something that you really have nothing to do with, and I totally respect that, don't watch but I dig it, let me have it.

Yeah, so one attendee walks up to me mid class, big grin on her face, leans in and says, "It's 96 to 74 so you have nothing to worry about" then skips off to her seat....DUDE!!!! I stood there, icy cold bottles of Champagne in my hand, mouth agape feeling like somene had just kicked my in the tummy.....could not believe it, why? Why would you do that?? So freaking rude, I was crushed, and watched my plans for the evening go right down the crapper.

Not sure if she wanted me to slow down, if she wanted to hang out longer, (many customers don't leave after my bubble nights, they stay seated, chat and nibble on potato chip crumbs) not sure what she was after....but she absolutely ruined my night. Not funny, not helpful...just rude.

So even knowing the outcome, I came home and tried to watch the game....yeah, it was so not even close to the same, the fire in my belly was pee'd on, and clearly I am still pissed off. Very happy that the Lakers won and looking forward to seeing which, rather scary team we are going up against next, but people, I implore you....don't ruin other people's fun, don't kick them in the tummy, don't tell them what they are getting for Christmas, don't tell them the ending of the movie and for the love of all that is holy....DON'T CRUSH A FAN'S NIGHT BY TELLING THEM THE SCORE OF A GAME THEY ARE TIVO-ING!!!

Yay Lakers, boo mean spirited customer.


Anonymous said...

Dude, was she drunk or what!?! I hate it when people ruin surprises. I want the suspense, the excitement, and the thrill that comes with not knowing. So sorry that diabolical fun buster ruined your night.

Tessa said...

She did it because she is yucky and lonely and jealous and the only way to bring you down was to do that. What a sad sorry life

Samantha Dugan said...

Thanks you two, I feared I was being a drama queen, but I had people coming in all day telling me they had read this and thought she was a horrible person. One long time customer even said, "Don't sell the bitch any good Cahmpagne" another said, "There is something wrong with her, I mean it, I think she is twisted and mean. You should tell her she is no longer welcome at the shop"...all made me feel less like a nut job, I have to say!

I can do neither of those things but I sure as hell would not help her when she came in today, saw her coming and yelled to Ronnie, "_____ is coming, I'm not helping that evil twit today", he so had my back.

The thing is, when you love a team, you feel like you are part of something...with them and with the people you know that love them too, you watch the games, you yell, scream, cheer and support them by watching...felt like I missed out on something really clinching the Western Conference Finals!!! Yeah, not over it still....what a ho bag.

vickibarkley said...

That was ridiculous. Of course, everyone knew to keep the score to themselves. I'm glad you refused to wait on her yesterday. Phhhh.

K Claret said...


Happy to see your lakers made it.

I totally know how you felt.



David Flaherty said...

hysterical. You should have "accidentally" popped her with a champagne cork!

Matt said...

LMAO it's a game stop bitching about it