Thursday, July 24, 2014

Um, You Might Just Be Lame...

So after a couple days of mulling it over I have come to the careful conclusion that this

Not only makes more sense, but would likely taste far better than these.... 

What the fuck?!
I swear my face just puckered
Palate just quit
And brain just atrophied reading this nonsense. 


Oh and I wonder what the belly hole guy is dipping that cheese stick in a little more than I wonder what any of these "professionals" would pair with it. Can't you just see it now, "What To Pair With Toe Jam & Other Bodily, Um, Sauces"
You all let me know when it's safe to come back.


Thomas said...

Glad you identified what the cheese stick is in--I would never have guessed that was someone's belly (no mirror handy).

In any case, does this mean I shouldn't eat that key lime pie with Chateau Margaux? Damn.

Samantha Dugan said...

That cheese stick belly hole was the third grossest thing I saw this week....those two bullshit pairing "articles" being the two slightly worse options.

You can drink Margaux with the key lime pie, I just beg of you, with your credentials and as a wine writer, for the love of gawd don't tell others that it is a great/fun pairing!