Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time To Savor

Just beginning to feel back to normal. Not fully human just yet as the chest oysters and nose sludge still own my mornings but as of yesterday the aches, the lethargy and the boot across my chest of “sickness” well it’s pretty much gone. Feeling pretty lucky this time as I escaped the dead palate and broken snoot, I was able to smell and taste although I am confident I wasn’t at full capacity. I taught a class Friday night, was able to nose the wines enough to check for correctness and taste enough to sort of explain flavors….but I may have kind of resorted to memory for much of that. Been able to taste my food and coffee albeit a bit muffled I didn’t feel like I was tasting with a sock on my tongue. So yeah, got off sort of lucky in that regard but….well I don’t think I’ve been savoring much, and likely long before the cold.

The holidays are harried. We are either running or gearing up for running, eating standing up, holding our bathroom runs to the very last second and are constantly being chewed on by this sense of, “Go!” even in the mornings when things were just beginning to percolate. So from the first week of December on I’m pretty much just reacting. No time to sit and contemplate, no desire to do much once I got home other than pour myself a glass of something, more often than not a stiff gin & tonic, before crawling into my jammies and hitting the pillows. New Year’s Day could have been a day to savor but I was invited to a Champagne event with dear friends, and is the case with those sort of everyone-bring-a-bottle events there was more tasting than savoring going on, for me anyway. Tasted some wicked cool stuff but never quite felt the embrace or nuzzled into a glass with the same kind of wonder and longing to understand that I normally do. Well that right there is about to change…

Going to see today, January 8th as the first day of my New Year. Back to normal hours and shifts at work, some travel on the horizon, the chest gunk losing its hold on me, a whole new year of events to plan and teach and this tiny little spark. The one that raises my eyebrow clicks on that curiosity and wanting, the wonderment, the intensity and that moment when I feel myself letting go and tumbling head over heels into a glass of wine. I’ve missed it. I’ve craved it. I need it so….

Off to work
This in the fridge waiting for me to return
I’m ready
Will be dreaming all day of that flip in my tummy, extra sharp deep breath, tiny shiver at the base of my neck that runs quickly down my spine….to be touched in a way that only wine can. Fuck, I am so ready….


gabe said...

Well happy new year!

Samantha Dugan said...

Back at ya....half way through this glorious wine and feeling it slither deep and flip on my little switches. Hope you too are drinking something that is demanding your attention, or letting you be, whichever you are looking for this evening.

gabe said...

Actually, I've been as sick as you, so it's mostly been tea. I did sign up for a winemaking class this year, so I feel slightly satisfied with the way this year is going.

Hope you feel better soon, I need to read some erotic excitement about a bottle of sauvinierre or something

Samantha Dugan said...

Gabe Love,
Feeling the need to read any of my silly bullshit would be my very definition of illness. Get better you and congratulations on starting the year off doing something that makes you feel satisfied or positive. Very cool and between you and I, that bottle of Champagne and the sultry promise of ultimate pleasure it left me craving....feeling pretty good this morning myself.

Valerie said...

Ooh - that was our Christmas Eve Champagne. S-E-X-Y. Cheers! xo

Samantha Dugan said...

Pierre Peters has always been a go-to wine for me, in fact I used the label as an outline for my tattoo. I did notice that the wine was a little leaner and not as toasty as it has been in the past. Wondering if it was just a slightly bruised bottle....how was yours?