Friday, July 22, 2011


"Oh hey Sam, somehow we ended up with an extra seven cases of that Rose in the warehouse. You want them?"

My Beaune Imports sales rep alerting me that the wine I thought I had taken the last five cases of, the wine that we have been sailing five cases a week, the wine that has been driving me fucking insane with pleasure....that wine was still available and I was being offered first crack at it. Um.....what to do?

I started doing the math. There were twenty-five cases brought to the west coast, I took three at first, spent the night with the wine and nabbed another five. Those five blew out in less than five days so I took another five and now here I was, looking at two lonely little bottles left on the shelf. Could I be so greedy? Should I be so greedy? Only two left?! Oh no....what am I going to.....

"I'll take em!!" The words flew from my lips before I had even finished doing the math, (takes a little longer for me that math in my head thing, think it's a side effect of bleaching your hair) the numbers finally rolled into place, after using my fingers of course, twenty, The Wine Country greedily gobbled up twenty of the twenty-five cases available.

I thought about feeling bad but the, "Unh! Take that bitches!" feeling won. The last of one of the best Roses I have had in years will be slipping in through the backdoor, hopefully this afternoon. Almost hate just calling it a Rose, it's more than that, it's one of the most thrilling wines I've had in a very long time. The color is fun and all. The label anything but serious but what is inside the bottle...

Seductive as hell and.....

Insert maniacal cackle of greedy dominance here.  


V said...

Snooze, you lose! It's a good reason to visit you guys, anyway. ;)

Tessa said...

Hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do

Samantha Dugan said...

They arrived today so hope to see you soon!

Exactly, and I done it.

Romes said...

Sam, can u please hold 4 for me? I will hopefully be ur way on aug 3, but If that falls thru I'll let u pick a couple more and have u ship them. I can't take u having all the clos Marie to urself anymore!

Love ya from the HOT and Humid east coast - stuck on a prolonged business trip. Feels like a fucking steam room here - hate steam rooms - instant sweat in not so lady like places and of course the east coast face breakout!

Samantha Dugan said...

My Sweet Sweaty Jess,
If you trust me, like at all, take 6 of this wine. I know you and I shared it that night over seriously crappy food but I think once you do that thing, that thing that you and I do with are going to want more and it will be gone. I will hold 4 for now but do think about adding two more. Fuck, I sound like a fucking salesman but it aint for me girlie...again, trust me on that. Hang in there on the sweaty east and I hope to see you soon!

webb said...

I googled the wine last week to see if I could get it on the East Coast. Know what the FIRST - the VERY first - first match was?? Wine Country! Well, now I see why. so sorry not to have the opportunity to even taste it.

Hope several more bottles end up on your table... the one at home!

Samantha Dugan said...

I'm seriously willing to send you a bottle if you are wanting to try it. You can bet there will be some at my table, just had to buy a few before leaving work today....damn wine has a hold on me!

Romes said...

I just finally got back to CO and to looking at blog - do hold me 6 if you insist! I'm easy.... And actually, just charge me and send them, I'm not going to make it West next week, I have to go back to the sweaty east again. Would be awesome to have some pink waiting upon my return! Let me know if you don't have my cc digits anymore... although we should just keep them forever on file!

Samantha Dugan said...

I can get those out today if you would like but I don't have your card number on file. Shall I call you or you wanna email/call me? Either way I will pull them now and you will have the gloriousness of Clos Marie upon your return.
Big hugs to you