Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Gonna stack this right next to the Hello Kitty Sparkling wine in the We Don't Carry It department. Pairing suggestions for your blue bubbly? Well seeing as this is already stoopid lets go all Gary Vanderwhatshisface....

Have fun with that. I'll be drinking my clear bubbly with some fries....


V said...

Wow. I'm kinda surprised our store doesn't carry that Boo Berry juice, b/c we carry so many other "interesting" items, such as Hello Kitty.

But I can one-up you on the Blanc de Bleu... we will soon be carrying Moet Ice Imperial. Here's a link to pictures from another site: http://www.luxuo.com/wines-spirits/champagne-moet-ice-imperial.html

You put ice into the Champagne. I'll repeat, you put ice INTO the Champagne.


Another Day of Crazy said...

Have to say, V one-upped you on the "stoopid wines".

But blue? What did they color it with, Easter egg dye?

Samantha Dugan said...

Okay yeah, that is way lame-er.

Another Day of Crazy,
She does indeed win. Have no idea what they color it with but that shade of blue just made me think of the milk in Star Wars....classy.

nico said...

ah yes....
I saw them drinking this on the movie tron... ecxellent

webb said...

Didn't anyone tell them that BLUE is NOT a food color? Disgusting. It sort of makes me want to puke - and I usually leave your blog feeling much better than that! Horrible.

Valerie said...

Che schifo. I saw the 'Hello Kitty Wine' conversations flying around last year, and was 1) shocked to find it came from Italy 2) wondering who the hell their target market is - 10 year old girls? But ... blue? Yeah - put me down for a 1/2 case, make up the rest with the 6 bottles of Chocovine from December. Not.

PS - I used my super google powers: blueberry extract in liquer de tirage? http://www.blancdebleu.com/#/index/winemakers_notes

Pair with milk chocolate, pez, and silken tofu.

Sara Louise said...

Hello Kitty wine's target market is Mariah Carey.
And not to be gross, but whenever I see that blue champagne, I totally want to vomit. Can you imagine the headache???

Samantha Dugan said...

I miss you handsome! Thanks for popping by love. Star Wars and Tron, well there you have it, they are going after the sci-fi set. Good luck with that.

Lady I adored your home post. Bravo. Not only made me smile it made me want to write. That Hello Kitty wine is absolute crap and on top of that way more expensive than it has any right to be. Now I'm just guessing here but I am betting this blue shit is going to be the same.

The headache? Can you imagine the color of the barf?!

Samantha Dugan said...

Right?! I'm sorry and I will try and write something soon that will erase this stain of "ewe"