Friday, April 1, 2011

Freaking Issues

So first there was newsletter deadline, (saw the final issue last night, should be a very entertaining issue for those of you that get it) of which I was late fault. Just can't seem to kick my own ass into gear and amass articles and tasting notes throughout the month, always do it the day or two before it's due....and a day or two after, almost always on my days off as I simply cannot ignore what's going on in the store long enough to put together an article, not even a little
blurb really. One person walks through that door and my thought process has shifted from writing to customer service. A good thing I suppose, just not good for writing or enjoying my days off around deadline time.

Newsletter stuff completed so good, I can start thinking about and writing a blog post, maybe even about wine this time and....BLAMO, inventory. Head is all about counting and worrying, not the best place for blog pieces I assure you. But I tried...

Last night, after counting bottles and assorted food items I decided to cheat and re-post an old piece I loved but got very little by way of comments. I was hoping that was because people just missed it, (the alternative being that it was fucking lame) so I thought I would sneak it in and try and give people something new, or new to them, to read. Copy and paste and.....issues!

Same damn thing happened to my last post, when I paste a piece from Word it re-formats the whole goddamn thing into one giant paragraph! Dumped it, cut and paste again, happens again. ARGH! So with the last piece I just went through and created paragraphs and breaks where I had them when I first wrote the freakin' thing, kind of did the same last night....after counting bottles and woke this morning to find that my 2:00 AM idea of what was good enough, wasn't.

So those of you that get that email dealie, sorry about that....

Going to try and get to the bottom of what's happening. Haven't changed anything that I can think of, might have accidentally hit something at some point but being as I am a severe compu-tard I can't figure it out. Going to buckle down this evening, which is to say sit next to the husband incessantly whining until he hopefully figures it out.

Bare with me (yes, intended)
In the meantime, forgive my silence....


John M. Kelly said...

You are forgiven, as you have forgiven me (I hope). Big push to finish partnership taxes and prep for meeting in Houston next week.

Re: your format issues - two words: Word Press. Actually I don't know what it will do when you cut/paste from Word because I write my own pieces directly in HTML, but pretty much anything is better than Blogger.

webb said...

Cut yourself some slack, Sam. Good posts - like yours - are worth waiting for! happy weekend.

Thomas said...

The paragraph problem is--in this case--not MS Word's fault.

Blogging software falls somewhere between the Middle Ages and the first computer ever designed. On Google's blogger, things change every other day to and from and back, without warning.

Wordpress is similarly annoying, but almost not as nearly as Google's system, which apparently is maintained by more than one entity--entities that hardly seem to speak to one another.

I've worked with computers since the keypunch days and I have never worked with a more cumbersome (and strangely unreliable) software than the blogging ones.

Samantha Dugan said...

Forgiven you? I would forgive you just about anything love. Plus, (if you are referring to the fact that it has been like forever since you posted) your last post kinda makes me sound like a rock star wine-picker-outer so....

World Press people and Google people are like PC and MAC people. I just can't bear the thought of trying to learn a whole new program right now but should this particular issue continue I might consider it. I think Ron wrote his stuff right into the blog as well and I just can't do that. I've tried but part of the pleasure for me is seeing the whole piece, (with the fucking space and breaks) laid out in a Word document. Weird I know but true.

Cut myself more slack?! Dude, I'm an overweight, smoker that drinks more than I probably should and flirts salaciously, not sure how much more rope I need. Truth is, when I'm not writing I long for it, miss it painfully actually. I do suffer from time to time with writers block and find it excruciatingly frustrating because writing, or whatever it is I do here, brings me so much peace. Not to mention I miss everyone so much...goofy right?

I used to think I felt a certain responsibility to the people that come here, like they were waiting to hear from me and I owed it to them to get something up but, well the truth is I get just as much out of all this, if not more, than my readers.

Well that's hopeful. I ended up "bucking down" in another way last night, went for Gin Bucks instead of futzing with internet and program crap. Such a warm and lovely day that I just grilled up some bread and sausages, made two kinds of tomato salad, put out some cheeses and got out the cocktail shaker. Gin, lemon juice, ginger ale, bitters and ice...freaking perfect.

Tonight I have a bachelor party that involves not strippers and shots but Champagne and fried chicken so I doubt I will be poking around here trying to figure shit out tonight either. You guys get a wee vacation from my silly bullshit and tear inducing crap!

Blog Daddy said...

Well, Sam. At least your blog software doesn't do things that not allow comments for no reason from time to time, including those from the writer of the blog.

I'm with Mr. P. on this. Time to try something new.

Samantha Dugan said...

Blog Daddy,
So annoying right?! Maybe Our HoseMaster had it right....