Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Moon.....

I needed to escape my living room tonight
Needed to free myself from the confines of the regularity or reliability of my Wednesday evening
Ached for the sound of the pond that runs through my apartment complex
Hungering for a sound other than the canned noise that darts at me from the television screen
Searching, I was searching for peace
Probing for a connection beyond that of a life chosen
Wanting to feel, needing to feel….something

I waited as long as I could
Tried to ignore the call that was scratching at my back
Urging me to get up
Walk out into the cold night air
Feel my skin tighten
My breasts constrict
My lungs fill
My need and your call were far too powerful for me to resist

I’m coming, wait for me…..

My body clad in pajamas and ankle socks
The fingers of my right hand parted, stem between them….cold bowl of white wine resting in my palm
The thumb of my left hand pushing the flat rectangular latch
The click of the screen releasing its clasp
My heart beginning to thump around in my chest
The sound of my own breath diving deep into my lungs
My chest expanding to make room

I’m coming, wait for me…..

As I slipped past the drawn blinds
The locked doors
My step lightened
My pace quickened
My sock covered feet making a pattering sound as I slipped past the courtyard
The little quad where my little boyfriend and I play
The patch of grass that separates our voices
The wind that carries them lifting my hair off my neck and slipping beneath my heels

I’m coming, wait for me…..

As I made my way to a spot beside the stream
A spot where the moon shone bright
The green of the grass reminding me of that sexy grayish green after a soggy rainy day
A stone in Our Moon’s spotlight looking like you sent it there for me
My feet sunk deep into the grass
Its moisture soaking into my socks
The thrill of that taking my breath away

I’m coming, wait for me…..

The chill creating bumps all over my flesh
My eye lids dropping because of it
A spot
A flat little spot on your chosen for me stone
For me to rest my wine
I shimmied my vibrating body upon the cold stone
Tucking my knees to my chest
My left arm resting across my shins…the right reaching for my glass

I’m almost there, wait for me….

The babbling stream
The life saturated into my socks
The chill working up my body from the cold hard stone
My back arching
My nostrils opening
The life I was taking in
The breath escaping my body in loud affirming tufts
The groan I was unable to subdue

I’m here with you now…..

My mind turning the pages
Letting each bit of life wash over my shivering frame
The brilliant haze surrounding Our Moon
The water dribbling past me
The leaves that caught a ride and were now causing a gargling sound in the filtration system
Behind those closed windows there was life
Couples twisted in that awkward but comforting sleep position
A man ticking away at his computer
A woman returning to the fridge for another splash of milk for her tea

I am here……

The more I opened myself on that cold stone
The longer I waited
The more I saw
My eyes closed
Nothing but the stream trickling in
Images of lovers
Tongues exploring
Meals cooking
Vines plunging deep into gravely soil

We were all there
Beneath one moon
Growing together……


The Passionate Palate said...

Am left speechless and sounding pathetic after your eloquence.
Incredible my lovely friend.

Samantha Dugan said...

Thanks so much Jeni. This was an older post but that Super Moon made me think of it, of all the hearts that can stand beneath it, look up and see the same bit of beauty that someone 500 miles away can see, that shared moment of, (if you let yourself think of it) unification, well it never ceases to move me.