Monday, April 14, 2008

Tickled Pink

As the customers trickled through the door yesterday afternoon my standard, "How are you" was met with a flat, "I'm hot" and I could feel myself getting grumpy. I am a Southern California native but once the temperature starts to click above 85 I start to feel uncomfortable and that makes me, well....pissy. I don't love sweating for no reason and find that I have a general lack of motivation when the simplest of tasks makes me puddle. I was quite glad that I was at The Wine Country where it is always a cool 60 something degrees but each time a customer walked through the door I could smell that cooked asphalt and I dreaded the moment when I would have to get in my, cooking in the sun all day car for the ride home.
I tried to keep myself busy with article writing and helping customers and just as my pouty, "Why is it so freaking hot" attitude started to vanish I got the call...."What do you want for dinner"....Ugh! My daily call from my husband has become a bit of a chuckle for me and the rest of The Wine Country staff as it happens everyday and even Randy has said, "Was that the whats for dinner" call? I was tired, (Late night at Amy's house), slightly cranky and in no mood to cook. I couldn't even wrap my head around the idea of cooking so I suggested sandwiches....cold sandwiches, thankfully he was drained from watching The Masters all day in the heat so he didn't put up a fight.
He was in charge of getting bread and various cold cuts and my job was cheese, (lovely Comte left over from the tasting on Saturday) Red Pepper Pesto, (we love this on our sandwiches as it brings a brightness to the doughy, meaty, cheesy flavors) and wine...sweet we had all of that at The Wine Country so no stopping for me! Now, what wine? Not knowing for sure what meats my dear husband would come home with but after 14 years together I was pretty sure there would be turkey, ham and roast beef, (and guess what..there was turkey, ham and roast beef) and as the ideas swirled around in my head the front door swung open and a blast of hot air hit my back as if to say, "Hey jackass are you not standing in front of piles of pink wine?". I grabbed fist fulls of Rose and tossed them in the cold box and began to see a light at the end of my roasty tunnel.
I walked in the front door and saw that the all day golf fest was now going to be an all night hockey playoff viewing on television, my plan to get right into sandwich assembly was replaced with a corkscrew and a long pour of 2007 Chateau de Puligny-Montrachet Bourgogne Rose, ($18.99). My glass already frosty from the icy cold wine joined me on the couch where while trying to ignore the "Slap, Bang, Crash" and toothless bloodied face hockey players, I pulled off my shoes and socks and let myself exhale.
Everything about this glass of wine made me happy, the color made me smile, the coolness of the glass in my hand felt wonderful and the bright refreshing flavors that spilled across my palate were soothing, they calmed me and "chilled" my inner cranky.
Sip, "Slam..cheer"
Sip, "Bang, cheer, scrape"
I was tickled pink...


Nancy Deprez said...

OH that's wonderful. The sound effects are great!!!!

Ah, wine. Calgon take me away.

Nancy Deprez said...

You like the Borgogne Rose more than the Peyrassol? Or both nice in different ways?

Samantha Dugan said...

I love both the Chateau de Puligny Bourgogne Rose and the Peyrassol but they are so different! The Peyrassol is lighter and more in a classic style while the Bourgogne is more like a light red....weighty, deeper texture with a slightly longer finish. Both will be very welcome in my home all summer long!